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 The Uses of Gibberellic Acid

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PostSubject: The Uses of Gibberellic Acid   Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:56 am

Break Dormancy
Some seeds need help before they will start germinating. Gibberellic acidcan help seed dormancy and germination break.
Stimulate Growth
Plant growth can be sped up if gibberellic acid is used on the buds. For example, an experiment by the Department of Agriculture showed that gibberellic acid-treated walnut trees grew 7 feet more than normal walnut trees.
Create Hybrids
Gibberellic-Acid can help growers breed two different plants together to create a hybrid. It can also be used with plants that usually need to be pollinated with a different variety.
Better Fruit Set
If a fruit tree hasn't been fully pollinated, gibberellic acid can be used to help produce more fruit.
Cold Protection
The use of gibberellic acid can make the flowers blossom trees can form, prevent be damaged
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The Uses of Gibberellic Acid
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