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 The functional of ginsenoside Rb3

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PostSubject: The functional of ginsenoside Rb3   Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:45 am

Ginsenoside Rb3, ginsenoside main active substances after hydrolysising, final outcome of the ability to restrain cancer cell proliferation of the strongest. Rh3 ginseng extract from the natural active ingredients, many international authoritative expert demonstrated good antitumor function, and inhibiting tumor cancer cell growth.
Ginsenoside Rb3can effectively enhance mononuclear macrophage phagocytosis function, induce tumor cells apoptosis, Can enhance immunity, reduce the toxicity of concurrent chemoradiation, effectively reduce the pain. Concurrent chemoradiation,
Ginsenoside Rb3 of HK cell activity, inducing tumor cells function.
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The functional of ginsenoside Rb3
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