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 Tea camellia sinensis efficacy

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PostSubject: Tea camellia sinensis efficacy   Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:23 pm

May help to slow the ageing process
Tea camellia sinensis with strong oxidation resistance and the biological activity, it is human body of free radical scavenging agents. 1 mg tea camellia sinensis remove harmful to the body and effectiveness of excess free radicals equivalent to 9 micrograms of superoxide dismutase (SOD), substantially higher than other similar substance. Tea camellia sinensis are blocking lipid camellia sinensis, cleared active role.
Help curb cardiovascular disease
Human cholesterol, triglyceride etc content high, blood vessel linings fat deposits, vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation of atheromatous plaques formed after such as cardiovascular disease. Tea camellia sinensis, especially catechin in its tea camellia sinensis ECG and EGC and oxidation product theaflavins etc, help keep the erythema shape hyperplasia is restrained, make form blood clots viscosity enhanced fibrinogen reduce, blood coagulation clearing, thus inhibit atherosclerosis.
Help prevent and cancer
Tea Camellia sinensis can block proposed hinge etc. Various carcinogenic substance in the body, and has the direct synthesis kill cancer cells and improve the body immunity effect. Tea in the tea Camellia sinensis (mainly catechin hydrocarbons), wait for a variety of stomach, colorectal cancer prevention and adjuvant therapy, all have well ontology.
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Tea camellia sinensis efficacy
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