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 The role of phenylacetic acid

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PostSubject: The role of phenylacetic acid   Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:39 am

phenylacetic acid mainly used for penicillin production process, improve the total output of penicillin G and used as prepared spices, pesticide and plant growth regulator of raw material. phenylacetic acid is an important organic chemical raw materials. phenylacetic acid is plant aroma of acetic acid as white crystalline flake, industrial often has a bad smell. phenylacetic acid acetic acid has carboxyl methyl of phenylacetic acid, and hydrogen and the typical reaction, generate many useful intermediates, in pharmaceutical, pesticide, spices, etc industries have been widely used.
In addition, benzene acetic acid also can be used in the manufacture of high performance engineering plastic, fluorescent whitening agent, dyestuff, LCD materials and organic synthesis, etc. Our country penicillin series production of phenylacetic acid consumption rate 82.16%. phenylacetic acid market and cloudy skies, to a great extent and penicillin industrial salt fate joys and sorrows is relevant.
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The role of phenylacetic acid
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