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 How tannic acid production

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PostSubject: How tannic acid production   Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:15 am

a. Raw materials and principles
Tannic acid is a plant products processing. WuBeiZi and many plants leaves, stems, bark, nut shell containing all tannins ingredients, and with the highest levels of WuBeiZi in general WuBeiZi contains tannin 55-60.5%. In industry, with the extraction of tannins WuBeiZi as raw material by the water softener leaching extraction, and evaporation, drying process.
b. the production technology
1. Dusting rolling broken: will WuBeiZi pchlorotoluene via solenoid, remove iron filings, into rolling broken machines with a sieve, rolling broken within the worm WuBeiZi sieve, remove impurities such as zombies and of waste.
2. 2. Soak tybalt: leaching mention of time, temperature, water added and spare method to soak mention has the very big relations. Time too short leaching rate is low, the temperature too high leaching solution containing the tannins pigment is much, affect product quality; Water added overmuch, evaporation time long, use evaporation heat, long-term heating, finished product color is too deep. So leaching mention methods using eight bucket (with copper or wood, should never be iron) counter-current circulation leaching method, dip carry 4 times.
3. Soak mention conditions: temperature 40-70 ℃, dip mention time 72 hours, water added amount of raw materials for 4 times (treated water shall carry water softener or distilled water), direct steam heating.
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How tannic acid production
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