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 Titanium dioxide

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PostSubject: Titanium dioxide   Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:23 am

Titanium dioxide, chemical formula is TiO2, commonly known as titanium dioxide, used photocatalyst, cosmetics , can rely on UV disinfection and sterilization, are being extensively developed, will have the opportunity to become the new industry. Rutile titanium dioxide can be extracted by acid decomposition, or by the decomposition of titanium tetrachloride. Nature of the stability of titanium dioxide, a large number of used paint in a white pigment , it has good cover skills, and lead white are similar, but not as lead white will be black; it has the same persistence zinc white. Enamel titanium dioxide is also used as a matting agent, can produce a very bright, hard and acid resistance of enamel overlay.
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Titanium dioxide
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