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 Chemical fiber

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PostSubject: Chemical fiber   Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:34 am

In life often hear chemical fiber the term, but don't know is what taken literally should belong to chemical that kind of later through chemical dictionaries just know some chemical fiber pollution; Chemical fiber is to use natural or synthetic polymer material as raw material, through chemical or physical method processing and preparation of fiber collectively. For polymer compound, used can be divided into different sources with natural polymer material as the raw fibres and in composite macromolecule substance as raw material of synthetic fiber. Abbreviation chemical fiber.
Use natural or synthetic polymer material as raw material made of fiber. Common textiles, such as sticky tape, polyester khaki, polyamide fiber socks, acrylic yarn and polypropylene carpet etc, are used chemical fiber to be made. According to the different sources of the raw materials, chemical fibre can be divided into: (1) the man-made fibers to natural macromolecular substances (e.g., cellulose, etc.) as raw material, have viscose fiber, etc; (2)synthetic fiber, with synthetic polymer things as raw material, have dacron, etc; (3) inorganic fibers to inorganic as raw material, glass fiber, etc. Since the 18th century drew the first root artificially silk, chemical fiber varieties, since in a fiber method and spinning technology had the very big progress. Chemical fiber however have so use so to environment can cause harm you, because often hear what waste-water from polluted where this news。
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Chemical fiber
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