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 How to Eat Healthily for the Postpartum Women?

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PostSubject: How to Eat Healthily for the Postpartum Women?   Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:27 am

After giving birth, women have to undertake the great task of taking care of their babies. In the process of breast-feeding, their own health is also very easy to be affected. Then, for the postpartum women, how should they eat, so as to bring health to their babies as well as to themselves?

First, to ensure the adequate intake of calcium
The breast-feeding mothers should ensure the adequate intake of calcium, so as to meet the physical needs of themselves as well as the babies. Otherwise, it may result in soreness of waist or backache. What's more, the insufficient calcium in milk will affect the growth and development of the baby; while too much consumption of the calcium in the body of the postpartum women may easily lead to osteoporosis and other problems.

Second, water supplementation is very important
During the first few days after delivery, many women will often feel thirsty and have poor appetite. This is because that the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice is decreased, and the gastrointestinal motility is weakened, so the excretory function of the skin becomes extremely strong, making people sweat a lot. Therefore, during this period, women should pay special attention to add a lot of water. Juice, milk, soup, etc. are very all good choices.

Third, do not forget to add some amount of salt appropriately
Some people hold that the postpartum women should not eat salt, so they do not add any salt in the dishes or soup. However, this would be counterproductive. In fact, the appropriate amount of salt is very beneficial to the postpartum mothers. As the postpartum women sweat more and the breast secretion is very strong, so the salt in their body will be easily lost with the sweat. As a result, adding some amount of salt appropriately is very helpful to the physical recovery for the postpartum women.

Fourth, eat more foods containing colloid
After giving birth, coupled with the natural aging, many women will suffer from skin relaxation, which is a natural physiological phenomenon. During the breastfeeding period, as the nutrition consumption is very great, at this moment, if women do not pay attention to the supplementation of nutrition, it will make their complexion look dull and pale. In such a case, they should eat more foods containing colloid, such as pig trotter and bone soup, so as to supplement the collagen needed by the skin.

What's more, postpartum women should also pay attention to eat less acidic foods. As too much acidic food will greatly affect the digestive function of the body. It is suggested that they should eat more light-flavored food, drink plenty of water, or practice the yoga, which can all regulate the mood.
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How to Eat Healthily for the Postpartum Women?
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